3 July 2014


Cloudy – real name Claudia Zakrocki – got her nickname a decade ago because “I’m so easy going all the time, like a cloud, just floating along the sky.” But the 28-year-old’s laidback nature belies her whirlwind work ethic. “I guess you could say I am one of those ‘slash people’ that are so common in my generation,” she laughs. “I am a writer/blogger/consultant/social media manager… anything else? Daughter! Girlfriend! Friend!”

Away from her online editor role at German Interview and duties as social media manager for Cookies Club – “one of the oldest nightclubs in Berlin” – Cloudy is best known for her upbeat, heartfelt style blog cloudycloudy.de. “The way I write is a bit ironic and always very honest,” she explains. “I am a very personal blogger and am not trying to hide who I am.”

Her take on fashion is equally sincere. “There is no secret to good style… It sounds clichéd but if you’re happy with the person you are, you can wear pretty much everything. Just dress the way you want; it might or might not work but, at least, you’ll be in a good mood!”

MY PIONEER HERO: My mum, Azealia Banks, Rachel Zoe
“My mum is the most caring and loving person on this planet. But there are so many people I find inspiring – I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say from Azealia Banks to Rachel Zoe, there are many people in the line.”




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